THENDARA`S rigging & construction

The only gaff rigged yacht in the world to fly a jackyard topsail on both the main and the mizzen, Thendara's rig is as authentic as it is rare. Her only concession to modern materials is the use of Dacron in her sails and lines. During her refit in 1993, traditional rigging expert, Harry Spencer of Cowes, constructed Columbian pine masts, spruce gaffs and booms, and rigged them with galvanised steel wire that is virtually indistinguishable from the originals. Southampton Yacht Services craftsmen went to extraordinary lengths to salvage and repair surviving fittings where possible, or re-cast new ones using the originals as models. The result is a uniquely rig that also provides exceptional, modern sailing performance and comfort in all conditions.


Thendara's sturdy construction of teak planking on steel frames required some restoration during her refit, however an astonishing 70% of her original hull remains. Sun damaged topsides were renewed and a brand new teak stern was created to repair damage of a long forgotten crash. Steering difficulties required her warped wooden rudder to be replaced with durable steel, while some of the original steel deck fittings were replaced with new bronze replicas, and the original teak deck was replaced, underlaid with plywood to make it watertight. The original Thomas Reid anchor windlass was reconstructed using a hydraulic motor in place of the DC electric one, with the old steel drum ends recast in bronze.